July 11, 2006

Baker's Back after Sierra Release

Today the Minnesota Twins recalled Scott Baker after they had sent him down in early June for third baseman Terry Tiffee. Scott Baker could take the role of the fifth starter unless they give it to Kyle Lohse instead.

Many people, including me, thought that the Twins would stick with 11 pitchers and bring up more offence such as Jason Tyner, Shawn Wooten, or Josh Rabe. However the Twins opted to go with another pitcher. This could mean one of two things, the Twins may be giving him another chance to start instead of Lohse or it could mean that the Twins are going to try and trade Lohse and make Baker the number 5 starter.

Before I post later tonight following the All-Star game, I want to know what you think: Will the Twins be buyers or sellers? And will they trade Torii Hunter, Shannon Stewart, or Kyle Lohse?

All-Star Game: Tonight at 7:00 CDT