July 24, 2006

Headed to Chicago

I'm headed to Chicago for 3 days to watch the Twins and do some other stuff. While I'm gone there wont be any posts, however before I left I wrote up a Series Preview and a Trade Special so enjoy. I will be back late Thursday, so there will be a recap on all trades and the White Sox series on Friday morning.

Twins vs. White Sox Preview:
Monday: Brad Radke (8-7) vs. Javier Vazquez (9-5)

Tuesday: Johan Santana (11-5) vs. Jose Contreras (9-2)

Wednesday: Carlos Silva (5-9) vs. Mark Buehrle (9-8)

The Twins are 3 games back in the Wild Card, so this series is very important!

Other Series Notes:
1)Brad Radke has been very good lately, if he keeps it up and the Twins offense produces watch out.

2)Jose Contreras has lost his last two starts, so if Santana can pitch well the Twins should have a pretty good chance.

3)This game is a day game. If Carlos Silva can have a good start than this game should at least be close.

Trade Special:
Since the Trade Deadline is approaching, here is some information on who the Twins may be after as well as who may not be with the Twins at this time next week.

Watch out For:

Carlos Lee:
With the Milwaukee Brewers losing day after day, watch for them to trade Lee. The Twins may be interested as they would like to add another bat, mainly a right handed power hitter. If the price isn't too high, watch for the Twins to be active.

Alfonso Soriano:
Alfonso Soriano has expressed that he would like to stay with the Nationals, however the Nationals are more interested in their future and would like to get young players. There are many teams in the hunt for Soriano, it is said that the price is coming down since many teams wont give up their top prospects. Again, if the price isn't too high, watch for the Twins to be active.

Fifth Starter:
Finally, the Twins may be in the hunt for a fifth starter, however there isn't much out there so look for the Twins to remain in the organization. Maybe with Matt Garza.

May be Moved:

Kyle Lohse:
Lohse is the biggest name mainly because the Twins have pretty much given up on him. Also there have been many teams scouting him in the Metrodome lately such as the Dodgers, Brewers, Red Sox, Yankees, and more. Watch for Lohse to be almost certainly moved by the trade deadline.

Torii Hunter and Shannon Stewart:
Hunter and Stewart most likely wont be traded after there most recent injuries, however I have to mention there names since they have come up so much this year. Watch for the Twins to possibly give Hunter an extension but most likely pick up his 2007 option. As for Stewart it would be best to move him but look for the Twins to let him go after the season.

There may be some surprise name this week as well, if the Twins are in the hint for a big name, look for a couple of minor leaguers in those trades as that is what most teams want in return for their big names. You also may see a Lew Ford or Rondell White come up as well. Don't look for the Twins to trade White but they would definitely trade Lew.

Again, since I'm in Chicago, there wont be any posts until Friday. When I get back I will have a series recap as well as any trades or trade rumors.

Be sure to leave your comments, ideas, or any Twins News you may have!!

Win Twins!!