July 12, 2006

Second Half Preview

The Starting 5:
The Minnesota Twins Pitching Rotation will most likely look something like this starting on Thursday: Francisco Liriano, Brad Radke, Johan Santana, Scott Baker, and then Carlos Silva. The reason they will switch it up is because Santana pitched in the All-Star game, since Liriano didn't the Twins said they will go with Liriano vs. Cleveland. The Twins may also switch Silva and Baker and may skip the number 5 starter occasionally.

The Bullpen:
The Bullpen will be the same as the first half and will include the recently called up Pat Neshek and Kyle Lohse will remain in the Long Relief role. There still is no timetable for the return of Matt Guerrier and it is uncertain whether Boof Bonser will be recalled before the September callups.

The Rest of the Team:
The Lineup will be mostly the same however you may see Shannon Stewart back at the top of the Lineup. As for the DH role, the Twins may go back to Rondell White later in the second half, but for now watch for them to keep Jason Kubel in that role and possibly in Left Field as well. As for the rest of the team, the remaining starters should maintain their jobs for the rest of the season.

What to Watch For:(TRADES)
The Minnesota Twins will most likely make some moves before the deadline on July 31st some players you should watch to be traded are Kyle Lohse, Shannon Stewart, and maybe a Lew Ford. However, don't be thinking Torii Hunter, the Twins will probably keep him until at least after the season and possibly longer. Also, Brad Radke will probably not be traded because he will most likely retire after the season.

September Callups:
When this time rolls around watch for the Twins to call up Pitchers such as: Matt Garza, Boof Bonser, J.D. Durbin, and Glen Perkins. As far as Hitters go, you may see Jason Tyner, Josh Rabe, Shawn Wooten, and maybe Matt Moses.

Season Outlook:
It is going to be very hard for the Twins to make the playoffs, they are behind 11.5 in the division and almost 10 in the Wild-Card. However, they do play the White Sox and Tigers many more times and if they can win on the Road, its not over 'til it over.