July 28, 2006

Series Recap and Trade Rumors

I just got back from Chicago so today I will have the series recap along with rumors and Twins News.

As most of you already know, the Minnesota Twins got themselves back into the race with a 3 game sweep of the Chicago White Sox. The Twins won with Great Pitching, Awesome Defense, and a Solid Offense.

The Twins pitching for the Series was very good as they allowed a total of only 11 runs through the period of a 3 game set. The average amount of runs that the Twins allowed was 3.66 runs a game, and with the offense that I'm about to mention, if they keep up this great pitching and offense who knows what could happen.

The Twins offense was great to, they hit a lot of homeruns but also got some timely doubles and singles as well. The Twins scored a total of 18 runs during this series, which is an average of 6 runs a game. As I mentioned before, they also hit a total of 7 homeruns which is a lot for a team that doesn't hit very many homeruns.

The Twins defense was awesome, as they turned in many of their plays on the SportsCenter Top 10. Jason Tyner made an over the shoulder catch after sprinting to catch up with it on Monday. Michael Cuddyer saved a run in the 9th when he made a sliding catch on Tuesday, earlier in that same game he threw a runner out a third base from right field. Jason Bartlett also made a nice diving play on Tuesday, and then proceeded to throw out the runner at first base. Finally, on Wednesday, Luis Castillo made a run saving diving stop that looked impossible. He to then threw out the runner. The Minnesota Twins had a SportsCenter Top 10 Play on each day that they played.

As I mentioned before the Twins allowed an average of 3.66 runs per game, if they stay on their pace of scoring 6 runs per game, than every game they will have a save along with a good game.

Twins Notes:
After the 3 game series, Justin Morneau now has 27 homeruns and 84 RBI. Joe Mauer's average fell to .375, but he now has 8 homeruns. Pat Neshek allowed his 1st run, and it was a solo shot on Wednesday. Finally, it appeared that Michael Cuddyer outgrew his mini slump as he hit 2 homeruns in the series, both two run shots.

Redmond Signs New Deal:
Mike Redmond got what he wanted on Thursday afternoon, for almost the whole year he has expressed that he would like to remain with the team after the season, on Thursday the Twins gave him a 2 year contract extension with a club option for the year 2009. With the signing the Twins have both catchers in place for hopefully many years to come.

Carlos Lee Rumors Fly:
On Thursday according to reports, it was said that Carlos Lee going to the Twins was almost "imminent". However, that trade either fell apart or was never really a deal. It is not known who the deal might have included.

My Trade Opinion:
I would love to see the Twins get either Soriano or Lee, however I don't want the Twins to get either of them at the expense of Matt Garza. Garza is almost ready, and if the Twins trade him it will show that the organization is changing its view on their minor league system which has long been to improve through the minors.

There are, as many people don't know many other "smaller" names that the Twins are interested in. Two names come from Philadelphia. The names are Cory Lidle and Jon Lieber. These names almost certainly surprise people mainly because they are pitchers, perhaps the Twins are looking for that 5th starter.

We don't know what kind of move the Twins will make so we will have to just sit back until Monday which is the deadline. And see what the Twins standpoint on the team, future, and farm system is.