July 22, 2006

Streak Ends at 8

The Minnesota Twins came into Saturday nights game with an eight game winning streak. However, on Saturday they saw that streak end as they didn't have good pitching or offense. Scott Baker took the mound for the Twins but again proved to be inconsistent as he left a lot of balls up in the zone. He went 5.2 innings, giving up 9 hits, 6 runs, and striking out 4 batters. Baker was lucky to only give up one homer as he left ball after ball up in the zone and was ineffective on 2 strike counts.

The offense took a break as well, one night after scoring 14 runs, they got off to a slow start and couldn't hit the young lefty Jeremy Sowers. On Saturday, they looked like the first half offence as inning after inning passed with impatient at-bats and the Twins weren't able to do much other than get a single from time to time. The Twins had a combined four hits, all singles.

The Twins bullpen was not very solid either as Kyle Lohse came in as did great going 1.2 innings of scoreless baseball while striking out 1 batter. But then the Twins brought in Willie Eyre and his struggle continued. He walked Ben Broussard and then gave up a single, a few batters later he gave up a run and then another single to load the bases, after that he allowed Sizemore to double and score two and one batter later, Michael got a sac-fly and with a runner on third he gave a double to Hafner. The damage would stop there but he gave up 5 runs on 5 hit and a walking just one inning. He saw his already high ERA 6.60 raise all the way to 7.84.

On Saturday the Twins played pretty bad all around from pitching to hitting. Hopefully Liriano can help the Twins turn it back around on Sunday with better pitching and hopefully the Twins can score some runs.

My Twins Opinion:
In my opinion, I think the Twins need to make some kind of starting pitching move. I don't think they can win in the playoffs, or for that matter make the Playoffs with 3 quality pitchers Liriano, Santana, and Radke (he's been good lately). The Twins have struggled with both Silva and Baker. Baker can't keep pitches down in the zone and has been inconsistent from start to start. The same goes for Silva but he can keep his pitches down much better. Speaking of pitching, Willie Eyre has not been very good lately, (as you may have read in the bullpen part) maybe he should be sent down for a bat.

Saturday's game was embarrassing to watch as the Twins made Jeremy Sowers look like a Cy-Young candidate. Sowers inning after inning shut the Twins down and didn't allow much more than a couple of singles from time to time. It wasn't a case of facing a rookie for the first time either as the Twins beat him last week while scoring 5 runs. Maybe the Twins should have saved some of the runs from Friday for Saturdays game.

Trade Rumor:
While I was on ESPN on Saturday night, I noticed that there was a headline for ESPN Insiders only. The headline read: Twin Billing? and was a rumor involving Alfonso Soriano and the Twins. However, I don't have ESPN Insider and couldn't read the article. If you know more about this or have ESPN insider, please let all of the Twins fans know by leaving a comment.

Don't Miss It:
The Minnesota Twins will try to start a new streak and avoid a series loss. On Sunday the Twins will send out rookie Francisco Liriano (11-2) vs. Jake Westbrook (7-4). The game will be at 12:05 on UPN 29.