August 27, 2006

Twins Take Two

The Twins won the first two games in Chicago and led the Wild Card by 1.5 games coming into Sunday's game. I will admit that I figured the Twins would end the series with a loss as the very inconsistent Carlos Silva was taking the mound.

I was right. Carlos Silva pitched very bad and lost the game. He got great defense from Nick Punto, who turned 2 very difficult double-plays. He also got a bad play by Bartlett who made an error that costed them 2 runs. No matter how inconsistent the defense was, the Twins still would have lost as Silva left ball after ball up in the zone.

Right when the Twins looked like they had found their groove pitching and hitting they sent out a pitcher who has been iconsistent and who has had his numbers sky rocket game after game. The Twins had been on a 4 game winning streak and their last lost had come in Baltimore when YES Carlos Silva pitched.

The Twins need to find that one other starter if they truly want to get into the post season. Santana, Radke, Garza, and even Bonser have all given them pretty good starts and have all turned out to be pretty consistent. Maybe when Liriano gets back the Twins will can Silva and turn to a bullpen that looks much like this:


Or maybe they will make a change much sooner than that. I know I at least am hoping for option number two.

With the loss, the Twins are still the Wild Card leaders by .5 game. They will now head back home where they will get set to face the Kansas City Royals.