September 30, 2006

Garza Ruins Chances

There is not much that I can really say about the game, other than that Matt Garza managed to ruin the Twins chances of winning the Central Division. With a win and a Detroit loss, the Twins could have went up by one game in the division. However, Garza went 2.2 innings and gave up four runs and eight hits. Now, all the Tigers have to do it beat the Royals tonight to win the division.

In my opinion, the Twins should also now leave Garza off of the Playoff roster. At least Silva can give us five innings when he pitches bad. And it has been awhile since Silva has given up eight hits in just 2.2 innings.

Lets just hope that the Royals can help out the Twins and beat the Tigers tonight. However, either way the Twins have lost many chances over the last week to take over the division. And all I can say is I'm pretty disgusted with the game today.

One More Chance?
If the Tigers lost tonight, the Twins would have one more chance tomorrow to win the division. However, all the Tigers would have to do is win tomorrow, because if the division ends tied between the two teams, then the Tigers would win because they are 11-8 against the Twins this season.

Lets hope the Royals can win today and tomorrow and that the Twins can win tomorrow and win the division. At least we know that either way the Twins are in the playoffs. But don't you think the division is more of an honor?

9th Inning Offense:
Despite not having the best offense lately, the Twins have had some great offense in the 9th innings over the last few days. Here is how the 9th innings have stacked up:

Down 1-0 the whole game, the Twins tied up the game with a HR by Joe Mauer and won in the 10th inning.

Down by a score of 4-1 and a slow offense, the Twins scored two runs and ended the game with the bases loaded. They lost 4-3.

Shutout the whole game, the Twins scored three runs off of a Michael Cuddyer HR to put the Twins down 6-3. They would still lose by that score.