September 12, 2006

Have You Even Noticed

Just a couple of days ago, I saw Shannon Stewart sitting on the bench. When I saw this, I thought about how "I haven't even noticed him not playing". In fact, its been almost like he was never on the team to start the year. So, I decided to write a post about it, and here it is.

Let me start by saying I think it would be great to have him playing, but I haven't even noticed him being out of the lineup. So far this year, he has played in only 44 of the Twins 143 games.

Below are his stats:

Now if you take these number times three, then he would play in 132 games which is about right. This would also give him about 6 HR, 153 Hits, 69 RBI, and a batting average near .300. Those numbers would help the Twins, but do you think he would put that type of numbers up?

The reason I think that I haven't noticed him being gone is because people like Jason Tyner and recently Rondell White have made him easy to forget. Jason Tyner has been batting .309 since being called up and has 14 RBI and a total of 55 hits in the 49 games he has played in. There has also been Rondell White, who has recently heated up. White has played in 84 games, but just recently started playing in LF. He is batting .225 which is low but all of that has been mostly at DH. He has a total of 31 RBI and 6 HR, most of which have come while starting in LF.

There was talk about him being traded, but when he got hurt just prior to the Trade deadline, that ruined the chances of that happening. He did come back but went right back on the DL not long after that. He has just recenly been transfered to the 60 day DL and I'm not sure if he will be eligable for the Playoffs as I'm almost certain that his spot has been taken by Josh Rabe.

I would encourage you more than ever to comment on this post. Let me and all Twins fans how you feel about Stewart being out and whether or not you have noticed.