September 23, 2006

My Award Predictions

Now that the 2006 MLB regular season is winding down, I thought that it was time to give you my 2006 Award predictions for both the American League and the National League. Many wont surprise you, and don't think that if and when I pick Twins players for an award, that I'm doing so just because they are my favorite team.

First here are the National League Awards:
Cy Young: Brandon Webb

I thought about giving this award to Chris Carpenter, however I thought that someone who really surprised everybody was Webb. The other big thing is he got wins without a big offense as he pitched for the D-Backs.

MVP: Ryan Howard

Without him, the Phillies wouldn't even be close in the Wild Card race. I do believe that the MVP's team must make the playoffs, but sometimes you have to look at the situation the team would be in without the player, and without him, the Phillies would probably be eliminated already.

Rookie of the Year: Ryan Zimmerman

I did think about giving this award to Dan Uggla of the Florida Marlins, both of these two players have played Gold Gloves defense all season and have both helped there team tremendously. This award will be close, but I personally think that Zimmerman deserves it most.

Now, here is the American League:
Cy Young: Johan Santana

There really haven't been any other pitchers that have been close to Santana this season. He leads the League in ERA, Wins, and Strikouts. Those are the three major categories for a pitcher. The bottom line is that without his leadership, the Twins probably wouldn't have been able to make the tremendous run that they have.

MVP: Justin Morneau

I picked Justin because there have been a lot of the AL MVP Candidates that have really fallen out of the race over the last month. Ortiz may have gotten some consideration but the Red Sox have really started to fall out and I passed on Jeter because if you look at there lineup, I think they could at least survive without him. The Twins on the other hand may not be where they are today if they didn't have Morneau.

Rookie of the Year: Justin Verlander

This award would have went to Liriano or Pappelbon had both not gotten hurt. With the Tigers improving hugely from last year, Verlander deserves it. Liriano may have gotten near 20 wins and Pappelbon's not only got hurt but his team has fallen over the lat month. All these thing get Verlander the award.