September 2, 2006

Nevin Could Help

Nevin Trade:
The Twins got Phil Nevin on Thursday and my first impression was "Wow that's a great pickup". I still feel that way as he has had 21 homeruns which is 15 more homeruns than all of the Twins DH's have this season combined. I think the part that makes this trade so good is the fact that the Twins really don't have to give much up. The Twins got Nevin for a player to be named and the Cubs are also paying us some money to go towards the rest of his contract.

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Radke Out:
The Twins got some bad news on Friday as they found out that Brad Radke has a stress fracture in his shoulder and will be out up to 4 weeks. After the shots didn't stop the pain, the Twins did an MRI and found a completely new injury. Since Radke is retiring after this season, he may have already made his last Major League start.

Good New For Liriano:
Liriano continued to impress the Twins as he continued to make a speedy recover on Friday. He threw off of the mound again, however it was with cleats this time. Liriano said he is sore but it from the workouts and he said its a good kind of sore. Liriano could be back as soon as mid- September if the workouts keep going good.

Wild Card Staying Close:
The White Sox lost to the Royals on Friday, so the Twins remain only .5 games back. The Red Sox have gained 3 games recently and are 5.5 games back. However the Red Sox got bad new with Lester being diagnosed with cancer, Ortiz still sitting out, and Papelbon strained his shoulder on Friday.

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