September 27, 2006

Playoff Bound

Back in April and May, not many Twins fans can say that if the season was fast forwarded to September that they would think that the Minnesota Twins would be close to making the playoffs, yet being in the playoffs alone.

Now its September 27th and the Minnesota Twins are going to be in the playoffs as they clinched Monday by beating the Kansas City Royals 8-1. The Twins got back in the winning column in the start of June and have continued to win and gain ground in both the Wild Card and Division throughout July, August, and September.

Although the Twins are guaranteed to make the playoffs, the work still isn't done. The Twins could still win the division and force the Tigers to settle for the Wild Card. To win the division, the Twins would need to finish one game ahead of the Tigers in the standings and could not tie. The division would also mean much more than the basic honor, it would also help the Twins get homefield advantage in the playoffs as well as play the A's instead of the Yankees to start the playoffs.

Either way, the Twins have impressed all Twins fans and genral baseball fans not only with their play, but also with their great teamwork and awesome season turnaround. Here's hoping the Twins can continue to win games and not only win the Division, but also pick up some wins in the playoffs.

Twins Notes:
- Brad Radke will pitch again this season afterall. Radke will get the start against the Royals tomorrow.

- Torii Hunter became the 2nd Twins player this year to hit 30 HR's. It was also a new career high.

- Torii Hunter's name was in the news Monday as he won the Player of the Week award. He tied for the award and the other winner was Raul Ibanez.

- Johan Santana made what is thought to be his last regular season start of the season yesterday. He picked up win number 19.

Twins Picture Highlights:

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