September 20, 2006

Playoffs and More

The Minnesota Twins over the weekend narrowed the Central Division lead and gained ground on the White Sox by taking three out of four games from the Indians. The Twins are currently only .5 games back in the division and are up by 4.5 games in the AL Wild Card.

If the Twins win the Wild Card, they would play the team with the best record from the AL, however they couldn't play a divisional team in the 1st round of the playoffs. So most likely, the Twins would play the Yankees if they won the Wild Card.

If the Twins win the division, they would play the winner of the AL West, assuming that they will not have the best record in the AL. So most likely, the Twins would play the Oakland A's and could possibly play the Angels if they go on a hot streak. The Twins would have to win the division to have this matchup.

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Twins Notes:
- Brad Radke was supposed to start this weekend, but the Twins will push that day back until at least next week.

- The Twins will have the following schedule for the rest of the season:
Red Sox: 2 Games
Orioles: 3 Games
Royals: 4 Games
White Sox: 3 Games

- As I type this, I'm watching the Twins game: GO TORI: HOMERUN!!!

- Speaking of Tori, he was indeed back in the lineup after fouling a ball off of his foot on Tuesday.
- If the Twins can pull off the win tonight, they will have 90 wins. Did anybody think that was possible two months into the season?