October 28, 2006

Decision Time

The 2006 World Series is now over and the official MLB off-season is underway. With the off-season, the Twins will need to make many choices. A lot of these choices will need to be made in the next few days. Below are the moves that will be decided upon within a week or two:

Carlos Silva:
The Twins will need to decide whether or not to keep him within the next five days. So the good thing is we'll know by November 1st.

Free Agency:
The Free agency period is underway as of today which means all players throughout the league can now file for free agency if their deal is up. The Twins have three players who can file and all probably will. They include Phil Nevin, Shannon Stewart, and Rondell White. Radke could file but he will most likely retire.

These are the moves that we will see in the next few days, as more days approach in which the Twins will have to make decisions on arbitration or other moves, I will have a post at that time with more information.

Liriano: This isn't really a roster move, however the Twins and Liriano will soon need to make a decision about what to do regarding his elbow injury. Lets all hope no surgery is involved.