October 8, 2006

Minnesota Timberwolves Coverage

I plan on covering the Minnesota Timberwolves throughout their '06-'07 season. I will most likely have a preview sometime over the next week and continue with roster updates as well as any other news about the team. I also plan on having post game wrap-ups just like I did throughout the Minnesota Twins season.

This does not mean that I will wont cover the Minnesota Twins off-season. If you didn't see it, here is what I will keep you updated on throughout the baseball offseason:
1) Any Contract Talks
2) Possible Free Agents
3) Arbitration Talks
4) Trades
5) Any Player Options
6) Any Big News About the Twins

Baseball News So Far:
- The Yankees are out. The A's will take on the Tigers in the ALCS.

-The Minnesota Twins will most likely pick up Torii Hunter's 2007 option.

- Joe Torre looks like he will be out as the Yankees manager. Lou Pinella coming in.

- Come here for news on any Twins moves and more throughout the offseason.

Lets hope the TWINS make some good moves and the TIMBERWOVLES improve from last season!