October 15, 2006

Wolves Preview: James and Foye

Mike James:

Mike James came over from the Toronto Raptors after having a career year offensively. James averaged just over 20 points per game last year and would have been second on the team in that category. If Mike James isn't just a one year wonder, expect him to average anywhere from 20-25 points per game. Also expect his assist numbers to rise with Garnett to pass to.

I can't really tell you very much about him defensively, however he has shown great stealing ability so far in training camp. If he can make the other teams pointguards work for points, then he should get the job done. His veteran leadership on defense should help Foye.

Mike James was a huge pickup this past offseason. His offense is a huge upgrade and his defense can't be any worse than what the Timberwolves had. Overall he is a huge upgrade over Jaric and should provide team leadership. James reminds me of Sam Cassel, now lets hope they can have one of those magic seasons that they did with Cassel.

Randy Foye:

Foye came to the Timberwolves out of Villanova where he averaged just over 20 points per game. This past offseason, he played with the Timberwolves Summer League team. Foye surprised many when he won the league MVP after a spectacular offensive performance throughout all of the games. Foye should get minutes at pointguard and may also play SG.

Foye's defense is what Foye and the Timberwolves feel he needs to work on most. Throughout training camp, James and Garnett have worked with Foye and showed him ways to get better at playing defense in the NBA. If Foye can continue to improve his defense against NBA players, he could become a very big part of the Timberwolves gameplan.

Foye should be a valuable asset to this team if he can produce offensively as he did over the summer. Don't expect him to start over James, or have him come into close games as his defense is still not up to the NBA level. However, as the season advances, expect him to get more minutes both early and down the stretch if he can improve his defense. And don't surprised if you see him and James in the game at the same time -- with Foye at shooting guard.

A Look Back:
Mike James will be the starter and should maintain the spot for the whole season. Foye will be valuable off of the bench with his great scoring ability. He should give James rest and as I mentioned above, don't be surprised if you see him playing at shooting guard.

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Pictures courtesy of Jame Profile and Foye Chat at NBA.com and ESPN.