November 19, 2006

Wolves Buzzed By Hornets

The Minnesota Timberwolves got off to a hot start going 2-0 and almost winning a couple of other games on the road early in the season. However, after losing three out of four games on their first roadtrip, the Timberwolves have returned home and done just as bad. The Timberwolves had yet another tough loss on Saturday when they lost to the Hornets on a last second shot.

The Timberwolves played well and stuck with the Hornets (7-3) throughout the game, but in the last minute of the game, things began to change. Jaric missed a shot late in the quarter that would have put the Timberwolves up, instead they were down by three with six seconds remaining in the game. The Wolves then came down court and passed out to Mike James who hit the three-point jumper to tie the game at 96-96.

The fans were pumped thinking the Wolves would take them to overtime after the last .6 seconds of regulation were over. Instead, Jaric didn't guard Peja and he hit the game-winning three-point jumper to give the Timberwolves yet another tough loss on the season.

With the loss, the Wolves are now 3-6 and are quickly fading to the Utah Jazz who are on the opposite side and can't seem to find a way to lose. The Wolves next game will be this Wednesday as they will face the New York Knicks at home.