November 2, 2006

Wolves Win Game One

The Minnesota Timberwolves 2007 season is officially underway as the Timberwolves tipped off the season with a win. The Timberwolves had won their last six home openers and continued the streak by beating the Kings by the final score of 92-83.


Today I'm not going to do a lengthy recap, however check out I Heart KG for the top T-Wolves headlines, quotes, and more.

I Heart KG is an AWESOME T-Wolves site.

MLB Offseaon Award Schedule:
AL MVP: November 21
NL MVP: November 20

AL Cy Young: November 16
NL Cy Young: November 14

AL Rookie: November 13
NL Rookie: November 13

AL Manager: November 15
NL Manager: November 15

Come here for all of the latest news on these awards and hopefully some good words saying that our own Twins players' won the awards.

Other Twins Notes:
- The Twins have handed out their 2006 Minor League Awards.

- The Twins have picked up Silva's option. (Read Below: Or Go Here)

- Liriano will know shortly what he is planning on doing with his elbow.

- Bert could win an award as well.

Wolves Next Game:
When: Friday
Opponent: Denver
Time: 8:00 PM