December 2, 2006

Twins Don't Offer Arbitration

The Twins declined to offer arbitration to OF Shannon Stewart, RHP Brad Radke, 1B Phil Nevin and OF Rondell White today. This doesn't come as a very big surprise as none of these players were Type A or B free agents which means that if the Twins would have offered arbitration, they wouldn't have gotten a draft pick out of any of these players had they decided to retire or go to another team.

There is a chance however that these players could be back with the team next season. The Twins will most likely let Stewart go to another team along with Phil Nevin and Brad Radke will most likely retire. That leaves Rondell White who has about a fifty-fifty chance of returning to the team next season. In order for him to return, he would have to take less money and would have to wait until towards the end of the off-season to sign which is when the Twins will know what they need and how much money they have available.