January 28, 2007

TwinsFest Wrap-Up

The smell of baseball was in the air this weekend in Minneapolis Minnesota as players,coaches, and fans were in town for TwinsFest 2007. I have been to TwinsFest for many years now and every time I go there are more people there. This year I was unable to go on Friday or Saturday but was able to head to the Metrodome on Sunday.

On my past trips, Sunday has been the slowest day with less fans and smaller lines, but this year the lines were filled and the dome was crowded. Last year, you could go right up to the "Down on the Farm" signing sessions and get autographs with ease. This year lines wrapped around as far back as the visiting dugout.

Some of my favorite things about this years TwinsFest were seeing all the new players for the first time such as Cirillo and Harvey. Another cool thing was taking the clubhouse tour for the first time. Some other things that I found cool were seeing Matt LeCroy working with young kids at the Twins free clinics and seeing general manager Terry Ryan many times just chatting with fans and signing autographs near the minor league signing section.

As far as the players go this year, Morneau and Santana weren't there on Sunday, but just seeing the line for Mauer on Sunday, I can't imagine the lines for the league MVP and a two-time Cy-Young award winner. It was nice to have some of the "big" future players there and seeing more old-timers there was nice too.

I would encourage all of you to go to the thread that I have started and leave your TwinsFest comments there along with any pictures you may have taken. If I had to guess, I would say that this year the Twins easily had their best event ever as far as attendance goes.

To end, I would like to share a conversation I overheard while getting autographs from both Slowey and Span. While he was signing my "merchandise", Slowey asked Span why he was late for the signing session. In response, Span said that Terry Ryan had taken both him and Torii out for lunch. My point in telling you this is just to show how much Terry cares about his future players and how well the Twins treat their players.

Again, here is the link for the thread where those of you who attended can leave both pictures and comments of this years Twins fest. Also below is another article about TwinsFest from Twins Without Spin.

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