February 10, 2007

Updated Off-Season

Here is a small recap of what the off-season has looked like as far as free agents go. The Twins have lost a total of two players and have signed a total of six players. They have also had one retire and still have three players who are still free agents.

The Ones Who Moved On:
Willie Eyre:
Minor league deal with Texas and an invitation to Spring Training.
Mike Smith: Minor league deal with St. Louis.
Shannon Stewart: One-year contract with the A's.

The Newcomers:
Randy Choate: Minor league contract with an invitation to Spring Training.
Jeff Cirillo: One-year major league contract.
Torii Hunter: Exercised 2007 Club Option.
Matt LeCroy: Minor League Contract with an invitation to Spring Training.
Rondell White: One-year major league contract.
Mike Venafro: Minor League Contract with an invitation to Spring Training.
Ramon Ortiz: One-year major league contract.

The Undecided:
Phil Nevin:
Nevin is still sitting in the free agents and doesn't seem to be headed back to Minnesota anytime soon.

The Rest:
Brad Radke: Radke retired and will be missed as a veteran pitcher next season.

I'm almost positive that this is not all the players signed or lost, but these are the ones that I got from MLB.com's free agent tracker. When Josh Taylor sees this he will probably add some more since he is more of a minor league guy, he should have all the minor league deals.

EDIT: You may notice that this post changes. I will continue to update it until the season and will then post the final off-season moves.