February 16, 2007

Batista Finds a Home

I was looking at ESPN and found an article saying that the Nationals had signed both Tony Batista and Dimitri Young. To me, it was strange to see that Batista was picked up to play in the major leagues, but after reading the reasons for the signings, it became pretty funny.

Bowden referred to the players as "assets," saying they could wind up providing depth for Washington at first base or third base -- and also could be dealt to another team for prospects. He also had this comment, "It's important to have pieces to trade."

According to ESPN, Batista won't report to the Nationals major league camp, but will instead report to their minor league camp a week later.

To me, it is obvious that no other teams want him because he was released half-way through last season and hasn't been picked up since. But then again, Bowden is the one who gave Cristian Guzman a deal worth nearly $17 million.

I also read a story about this same story at Nick & Nick's Twins Blog the story can be found here. At the same site, they have an interesting story recapping the Twins 2006 off-season.