February 20, 2007

Contract Talks

Today the talk from Spring Training was contracts. Contract for Morneau, contract for Santana, contract for Nathan, and yes, even a contract for Hunter. As I look around the web today, I saw all these headlines, so I thought I should let everybody know.

The Minnesota Twins official pages has a story that states a contract is not even on Hunter's mind right now. In the article, Hunter says for him to talk about an extension for himself would be selfish. He also has the following quote, "These (other) guys have got to get signed first."

There is also a story from the Star Tribune. In the story, they talk about how the Twins will reopen long-term contract talks with both Morneau and Santana but there has been no indication of them doing so with Cuddyer. They also talk about how Nathan is confident that a long-term deal will get done.

All these things are already coming up on just the second day of camp. It should be an interesting Spring Training so stay tuned. I plan on having an article tonight or tomorrow recapping the 2006 season awards. If you have not read (or looked at) my first two articles about Sprig Training, you can do so by going here and here. You can also get links to newspaper blogs by going here.