February 10, 2007

I'm Back

I would like to let everyone know that I'm back in business here at Twins Territory. Although I'm now back here at Twins Territory, I should also let you know that I now blog at Minnesota Sports Zone.

MSZ is a great site for Minnesota Sports fan all around the world. Over at MSZ, we have writers for the Twins, Timberwolves, Vikings, and the Wild. We also have message boards were you can come to share your opinions on all kinds of things. I would also encourage you to come over to MSZ and sign up for the message boards.

At MSZ I blog about the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Minnesota Twins. However, now that I'm back here at Twins Territory, I will begin to post the same Twins articles there as I do here. If you want to read my Timberwolves articles, you will have to visit MSZ.

Here are the links to the different things at MSZ that I encourage you to visit. Below is also a list of the other articles that I also got up here on Twins Territory today.

Minnesota Sports Zone

Minnesota Sports Zone Message Boards

Sign-Up At MSZ

A Few Notes About MSZ:
- The site will be redone in March.
- Viking Army has joined and the message boards are growing rapidly.
- Since I don't get very much fan reaction here I hope you will head over there to share your thoughts.
- Again, I will post the same Twins articles there as I do here, but the Timberwolves articles will only be posted there.
- Nam (the owner) is working with others to add new features to the message boards and the site.
- There is a "Rumor Mill" with all the rumors about Minnesota teams and they have great team pages with scoreboards, rosters, updated player rankings and more.
- Although there are many other things, one final thing is there is a game chat section for each team where you can chat as the game is happening.

Articles I Got Up Today:
Updated Off-Season

Roadblock At Home plate

TwinsFest Wrap-Up

There will be a post either today or tomorrow about some of the changes that may be happening with "Twins Territory"