February 19, 2007

Live From Spring Training

This year, Spring Training should be more fun than it has ever been in the past. You may ask why, and my answer would be because this Spring Training, we will get an account of what it is like to be at Spring Training. This year, the Minneapolis newspapers have definitely figured it out, they've figured out that what everybody really loves is a blog.

So this year, both the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press, are having their professional writers blog what I call "Live From Spring Training". You may ask why this will make it more fun, and to that I would answer that this year, with the blogs, we will get the inside information, side notes, and pretty much anything else that you could imagine from Spring Training.

While the Star Tribune writers are blogging right at their site, Jason Williams is doing it the coneventional way, right from Blogger. If you would like to read the blogs of La Velle E. Neal III, Joe Christensen, or Jason Williams, just click the links that I have put below. Make sure to leave your comments and questions for them to respond to.

La Velle E. Neal III

Joe Christensen

Jason Williams

I'm hoping to keep everybody updated on the happenings at Spring Training such as any rumors or news that might breakout, and I'm also hoping to start posting more pictures from Spring Training, but right now, there are nearly none available. Anything that I can't provide, I figure these blogger\writers can help out with so make sure to bookmark them or visit them by clicking the links on my sidebar.