February 22, 2007

Not Much Today

There really isn't much going on today with the Twins. There wasn't a lot of talk about any contracts or about what some of the new players are showing so far. Some of the things we did find out today was that Ortiz will report to camp tomorrow after resolving his visa issue and Morneau thinks he has more to prove this year than he did last season.

With the start of full-team workouts on Saturday, hopefully there will be more to talk about soon. But for now there really isn't any news so I'll leave you with some short notes from today.

La Velle said that today the Twins had quick and short workouts because it was the day of their charity golf tournament.

Jason Williams talked about Morneau having something to prove along with his opinion on whether the Twins will go with an extra pitcher or fielder and on how this decision could affect a trade.

Finally, if you have not done so yet, head over to Seth Speaks as he has a bunch of interviews with minor league players up on his website.

If you haven't read some of the articles from Twins Territory from February, I encourage you to do so by going to the this link. Feel free to leave your comments on the posts as well. I hope to get something better than this up sometime soon, so check back often. Also, below I left a picture from ESPN of what could be the Twins future center fielder, Denard Span.