February 25, 2007

Pitchers Set for Early Games

The Minnesota Twins will kick off their Spring Training schedule on Wednesday, and we now know who will be pitching. In fact, we now know who will be pitching the next five games for the Twins, and that list does not include Sidney Ponson.

Yes, I know, you're probably upset too that you won't be able to see what Ponson has to offer right away, but since he doesn't have the "proper visa" from Aruba, he can't pitch in any game in which admission is charged. So I guess we'll have to wait until the next week to see what Ponson has to offer.

Anyways, on with the list. Matt Garza will pitch first on Wednesday, he will be followed by Carlos Silva on Thursday, Ramon Ortiz on Friday, Boof Bonser on Saturday, and Johan Santana on Sunday. This is as far as the Twins have scheduled their pitchers, but throughout the rest of the spring, you can expect to see guys such as Ponson, Slowey, Perkins, and Baker. Here is an "advanced" rotation for the first five games including the teams they face.

First Five Games:
Matt Garza: at Boston
Carlos Silva: at New York Yankees
Ramon Ortiz: vs. Cincinnati
Boof Bonser: at Cincinnati
Johan Santana: vs. Boston (Supposed to be on FSN)

The rest of the Spring Training schedule can be found here. I never really realized that MLB teams play this many Spring Training game is just one month, but I guess that's good news for us fans. Also, the games against Boston home and away are in Fort Myers, so basically no team has to travel.

This pitching schedule and Ponson news is all according to Jason Williams. You can read more of his blogs by clicking on his name. And make sure you definitely read his "Emptying the Notebook" section.

If you have not yet read the first edition of "Making the Team", which was posted on Saturday, you can do so by going to the link below. I'll try to update this list one time per week or whenever a player is released or I feel some changes really need to be made.

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