February 10, 2007

Site Changes

As you know, I'm going to start posting again here at Twins Territory. With my return also comes other changes to the site. I'm not sure exactly how big the changes will be, but below are some of the ones I have made so far along with the ones that I know I will be making in the near future.

Changes Made Already:
1) The 40-man roster has been updated.
2) There is now a scoreboard on the right sidebar.
3) There have been some link corrections, changes, and I am still looking for more.
4) I have removed some unneeded things on the sidebars.
5) Banner has been changed to a more professional one.

Changes Coming:
1) More banner changes coming.
2) I might add categories to the site to help sort out the information.
3) I will start using more pictures in my posts.
4) I will continue to expand the sidebars as I find information that I think would be interesting to visitors.
5) It is possible that I will put links to the profiles of each player on the 40-man roster.
6) More links will be coming soon.

Want to Help?
I have already asked a very professional person to design a new banner for the site using Photo-Shop. As you can see, mine was made in paint and I really need a new one. I have not yet received a response from him so if you think you could help just e-mail me and I will let you know what I would like.

Another way that you can help us here is by sending us either your link or links to cool Twins sites that you come across. The sites can be Twins related, Twins blogs, or maybe even cool baseball sites. I'm looking to build a Twins community so send them all. But remember, they must update often and have good content because I don't want to build a list of run-down sites.

Finally, you can help this site just by visiting often. I don't make anything off this site other than the enjoyment of writing about the Twins, following the Twins more closely, and building a great site. When the traffic slows down, I sometimes don't feel like writing as often, so the more you visit the better.

I will update these lists as I think of more, I would like to thank everybody for stopping by Twins Territory and I hope you will visit back soon to see the many changes. Below I have made a list of some of the upcoming posts I plan on writing so you know what to expect.

Upcoming Posts:
Season Preview
Site Changes (Updates)
Spring Training
Arbitration News
Awards Recap

These are just the main things, there will also be other posts.

Message Boards and Commenting:
Finally, I would like to let everyone know that the official message board of this site is the Minnesota Sports Zone message boards. Please go to the link below and register today.

Register Today For The MSZ Message Boards

I also encourage commenting right here on Twins Territory. The commenting has been changed from Blogger to Haloscan so there is no need to register.