February 11, 2007

Spring Training Invites

With players reporting to Spring Training next week, I thought it would be helpful to give Twins fans a complete list of all of the players the Twins have invited this year. This is the list directly off of the Twins website and is most likely the final players that will be invited.

Carmen Cali
Randy Choate
Tristan Crawford
Jeremy Cummings
Jason Miller
Sidney Ponson
Kevin Slowey
Mike Venafro
Brad Voyles

Korey Feiner
Matthew LeCroy
Jose Leger
Jose Morales

Ken Harvey
Gil Velazquez
Tommy Watkins
Glenn Williams

Josh Rabe

Out of these players, the players with the best chance of making the 25-man roster out of Spring Training are Sidney Ponson (5th starter), Matt LeCroy (Bench Player), and possibly one of the left-handed pitchers to help take some of the load off of Reyes.