February 11, 2007

Twins Sign Mauer

The Minnesota Twins made the headlines today by locking up their Minnesota native and American League Batting Champion Joe Mauer with a four-year deal. As I just mentioned, the deal is for four years and will pay out around $33 million over that period of time.

This deal is very big for a couple of reasons. One reason is because it locks Mauer up through his first year of free agency and also locks him up through the first year of the new ballpark (if they get going on it). Another reason this is big is because it gets one of the many extensions out of the way. Now that they have locked up Mauer, look for the Twins to start working on first agreeing to terms with Michael Cuddyer and then working on extensions for Morneau, Santana, and possibly even Nathan.

Mauer was scheduled to have an arbitration hearing on Tuesday, but with the deal, that hearing will no longer take place. Now the Twins have signed all but one of their arbitration eligible players. That one player still unsigned is Cuddyer, and if they don't come to terms with him by Thursday, he will be the only Twins this season to have an arbitration hearing.

Below is a link to the official story at the Minnesota Twins site along with a link to the thread at the new official thread of Twins Territory, Minnesota Sports Zone.

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