February 17, 2007

Twins Territory 100th Post

This post marks the 100th post here at Twins Territory. I know you might be thinking that we should have more posts since this blog was started in early July, but with me slacking off in January with only one post, I have some time to make up. I thought since it was the 100th post, that I should give links to my favorite posts here in the small history of the blog.

My Favorites:
Last night, I went through each and every single post that has ever been published at Twins Territory. In the process of doing this, I found many stories that I really liked and realized how well Liriano played this past season. So lets begin, here are my favorites from Twins Territory.

I know this story about Craig Smith wasn't baseball related, but I think it might have been a story that people saw and really liked.

This story is about the Twins second half and what to expect. Lets put it this way, they definitely put on show.

This was the series that the Twins got back into the Wild Card race and made the run at the playoffs. This was also the post that shared the heavy trade rumors.

Here's a story about Glen Perkins making his Major League debut.

This is the story not about the Twins winning the division, but instead just knowing they would be in the playoffs.

There are many other things here at Twins Territory that I came across and wanted to give links to, but most of them were recaps and other things and this post was already long. I decided however not to post the links to the recaps and instead to let you viewers venture around the site to find the recaps of your choice. These stories also only go from July through October, so I left out November through December which had many things such as awards.

Recent Posts:
With me missing most of January here on the blog, February has been pretty busy with more than 15 posts already. So to make sure that you get to see everything you want from this month, I've decided to list links to the major posts of the month.

Updated Off-Season

I'm Back

Mauer Signed

Spring Training Invites

Morneau Wants More

100 Names to Know

Twins Sign Cuddyer

Batista Finds a Home

100 Names Recap

Star Tribune Blogs:
Make sure to check out the new Star Tribune blog with both La Velle E. Neal III and Joe Christensen. They also have a blgo from a former writer at the Star Tribune and now a Twins season ticket holder, Howard Sinker.

Official Site Changes:
I thought I should also wait until my 100th post to officially announce the new website changes. On the left sidebar, there are now more links to Twins website and Twins blogs. On the right sidebar, there is now a scoreboard, an updated player roster with links to each player's profile, a list of the player-by-player rankings from Taylor's Twins Talk, and standings.

There is also a new banner at the top created by Jacob Norris, a forum member at MSZ. Norris also makes many great avatars that you can find here. At MSZ, there will soon be special pages for some of his great work. If you go over to the MSZ boards, please let him know about what a great job he did.

I hope to keep expending on this site and would like to thank everybody for stopping by Twins Territory and hope you will continue to come back.

Please leave your comments below about what I can do to make this site better along with any ideas or other comments you might have.