March 27, 2007

ESPN: Silva Fifth Starter

UPDATE: According to the Pioneer Press Blog, Garza said he will start again on Friday. He also said that he will have a 75 pitch count rather than a 50 pitch count. This could mean that the Twins will allow one more start for the competition as Silva will pitch on Thursday.

La Velle has also reported that he talked with ESPN's Buck Martinez after the game and he told him that they didn't say Garza was sent down but they said "If Garza got sent to Rochester, the Twins would be in good shape in the future."

Original Story:
According to ESPN, Carlos Silva will be the Twins fifth starter. During the telecast today, in the eight inning, they said that Matt Garza was sent down because the team doesn't feel that he is ready to start. They then said that Gardenhire told them that Carlos Silva would be the fifth starter and that the team would skip his first start, and then he would start against the Yankees.

I have not seen any press release as of yet, so I will not say that this is official. I think it probably is, but I'm not positive that they would send him down before letting him have one more appearance. If this is true, I don't quite get what they mean when they say he isn't ready to be a starter, he started a bunch of games last season and has looked fine this spring. Also, it might be a little scary to test him against the Yankees lineup.

I'll have more on this when the Twins make it official, I just wanted to pass it along. Also, check back in a little while for an in depth look at today's game.