March 12, 2007

La Velle's Thoughts

In his most recent game post, La Velle answered a couple of my questions about the Twins roster and also gave his thoughts on some players within the organization. Make sure to check the comments section during games, because throughout the game he gives the facts from the game and his thoughts on the game.

Here are his answers to my questions and some of the thoughts he shared on players in the organization.

Looks like Rodriguez has played well again today. Do you think he locked up a job for himself?

Too early to say he’s got a job locked up.

Do you think the Twins will go with an extra pitcher or a player like Casilla\Rabe?
I’m really starting to think the Twins may go with 12 pitchers if Durbin pitches
decently, especially with an unstable rotation. That would leave four reserve
spots, and someone has to back up Bartlett…

His other thoughts:
Span: His offense has been a work in progress. Was getting the bat knocked
out of his hands in rookie ball. Went to a Ty Cobb, split-handed grip and
learned to beat the ball around. Last year, they had him put his hands together
on the bat. He started showing SOME ability to drive the ball.

I don’t know if he will be an All-Star, but he’ll cover ground in the
outfield and hit a little bit. Don’t ever look for 20 homers from him. He won’t
be Torii but he can be good.

You’ve got to look down the road. Kubel, Bartlett, Casilla, Mauer,
Morneau, Cuddy. There’s your offense - and a lot of salary in some areas.
Someone is going to have to be cheap next year so the middle of the order can
get paid. That’s Span, Casilla, Bart, Kubel. Moses, I’m predicting, will have a
breakthrough minor league year and get back in the picture.

By the time 2009 and 2010, come. Watch out for Chris Parmalee and Joe
Benson. Parmalee has a chance to be a stallion.

Good Luck:
Since this is a post regarding a Twins writer answering my questions, I'd like to take this time to say goodbye to another Twins writer who has been very good. On Saturday, Jason Williams announced in his blog that he is leaving the Pioneer Press for another opportunity. I'd like to wish Jason the best of luck and hope he has great success in the future.

Here were his exact words, and might I add some great words about the Twins organization...

And, finally, I am leaving the Pioneer Press for another opportunity.
You, the readers, made this job worthwhile. I appreciated every e-mail, blog
comment and call I received from readers, whether you loved or loathed what
I wrote. My personal rule has always been: It's not about me, it's about the
people that I cover. For those of you who are loyal Twins fans, I can't say
enough about the class and integrity of the organization you follow. I'm about
as cynical and critical as they come, and let me tell you, the people in the
Twins organization are, to borrow a phrase from J.D. Durbin, the real deal --
from Dave St. Peter, Terry Ryan and Jim Rantz to Gardy, Rick Anderson, Joe
Vavra, Jerry White and the other coaches to Torii, Rondell, Cuddyer, Mauer, MVP,
Big Sweat, Bartlett, Silva, Rincon, Kubel, Guerrier, Crain, Redmond, Punto,
Santana, Nathan and most of the other players. And I must mention the four
people who you probably don't know but help make the Twins the fan/media
friendly organization that it is: traveling secretary Remzi Kiratli and media
relations officials Mike Herman, Dustin Morse and Molly Gallatin. And while I'm
at it, I gotta give some love to my fellow baseball-writing buddies for all of
their help along the way:
Gordon Wittenmyer, Tony Jackson, Marc Lancaster, Mark Sheldon, Jeff Horrigan, Joe Cowley, Troy Renck, John Donovan, III, Joe-Joe and KT. I will always love the comraderie among baseball scribes.