March 28, 2007

Making the Team: Eighth Edition

Revised: I have edited this post because I forgot to add Heintz to the list, and Matt Garza has been cut.

With Spring Training finally coming to an end, and the Twins making their final roster moves, this will probably be the last edition of Making the Team. As did last week's, this week's list continued to shrink as the Twins cut more players. Since they cut so many players, here are the players that are no longer on the list.

Glen Perkins (AAA)
Mike Venafro (Waiting to see)
Matt LeCroy (AAA)
Glenn Williams (AAA)

If I do decide to have one more edition, it will be an edition that will round up all of the previous ones with one final review. Here is this weeks list, and below it are a few reasons for my comments or rankings. As always, please leave your comments on the players or the list.


My Reasoning:
- Durbin does still have a chance, but I just don't see him making the team. Especially if Garza wins the rotation spot, because then Silva will be in the bullpen.

- I mention "sadly" in the Garza comment, because at the time I felt like the Twins were going to go with Silva. Whether or not that it true, I don't know. However, I think the Twins will give them both a shot, and now "not giving up on Silva" may result in him being put in the bullpen.

- Finally, I was going to add Silva to this list, and then I thought to myself, "Silva will make the team even if he isn't a starter." So, basically even if he isn't a starter, he will be on the team, and after all this is a roster battle breakdown.

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