March 13, 2007

Making the Team: Fifth Edition

In this edition, I didn't add or remove any players. However, I did change some player ratings, and I believe that I changed almost every players comment. Some players that helped their chances since the last update include Durbin, Rodriguez, and Venafro. Some players that hurt their chances since the last update include Machado, Ponson, and Choate. You may question one of these remarks, that remark would be the one about Machado. The reason I say he hurt his chances is because everyday he losses from his injury is very precious as he is losing out on a chance to impress and make the team.

As always, an up arrow means they have helped their chances or have a good chance of making the team. A down arrow means they hurt their chances or have a poor chance of making the team, and two stars means that their chance is even to make the team.

Feel free to leave you comments on any player as well as anything else you have to say about this edition.


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My game observations from today's game probably wont be up until tomorrow as I don't think I will have time today. However, I'll do my best to try and get them up tonight.

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