March 7, 2007

Making the Team: Fourth Edition

I know, I just had my third edition a couple of days ago. However, with some players chances improving and some declining, I thought I should add the players that I have been meaning to. I haven't changed any ratings or comments from the last one other than the players that I added in this edition. However, this will also correct the few mistakes that I made on the last one.

In this edition, I've added J.D. Durbin since he is the guy competing for the bullpen spot. I've also added Tommy Watkins as he has played very well, and today, Gardenhire said he will be added to the mix. In order to make room, I've removed a couple players as well. The players removed were Carmen Cali and Jason Miller. I removed them because they have other guys in front of them and will most likely start the season at AAA.

As always, leave your comments below. If you haven't read them yet, make sure to read my observations from the Pirates game below.


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