March 1, 2007

Making the Team: Second Edition

Now that the Twins have gotten two games out of the way, it's time for our second edition of "Making the Team". The comments of each player have taken drastic changes so make sure to check them out.

I have removed Tristan Crawford as he has not yet played and doesn't have much of a chance at making the team. I have also removed Gil Velazquez as he has played poorly so far and also doesn't have a very good chance at making the team. If either of these player's chances of making the team improve, I'll add them back to the list. Finally, I have added Alexi Casilla to the list as he has played well so far and did make the team late last season.

Feel free to leave your comments below along with any player that you think should be added.


NOTE: This weeks picture is a little small, so if you can't see it then just click on it.

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