March 23, 2007

Making the Team: Seventh Edition

This edition marks the seventh one so far, and I can say that this edition by far has the least amount of players. The Twins cut a lot of players this week which means they wont make the team and therefore prompted me to remove them from the list. However, not all of the players removed were cut, below you will find all of the players removed from the list with a reason on why they have disappeared.

Denard Span (AAA)
Kevin Slowey (AAA)
Jeremy Cummings (Minor League Camp)
Alejandro Machado (Injury)
Randy Choate (Minor League Camp)
Scott Baker (AAA)
Alexi Casilla (AAA)
Garrett Jones (AAA)

There are still a few position battles left including a starting rotation spot, a bench spot and possibly a bullpen spot. The list now includes a total of 10 players, all players have new comments and some have new chance ratings.

As always, I encourage you to leave your comments on the list as well as any of the players on it.


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