March 6, 2007

Making the Team: Third Edition

After some players performed good and bad, and after some players missed games because of injuries, the list has taken some more drastic changes. You'll find that I've added some new players and removed some others. Make sure to read the comments as I'm pretty sure that I changed each one. As always, if it isn't big enough just click on it to make it bigger.

This weeks list includes two new names. The two new names are up and rising star Denard Span and recently lowly Scott Baker. I decided to add Span because he has played so well, and I decided to add Baker because I just realized that I left him off the list (even though he has been bad this spring). Since my chart can only be so big, I've removed Tommy Watkins and
Jose Morales . I didn't think these guys had much of a chance, and thought you fans might want to see Span and Baker on the list over them. Like I've said before, if they perform well, I'll add them back to the list.

As always, feel free to leave your comments on the new list below.


Note: I messed up on the Baker comment. It should be pitching instead of pitched.

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