March 19, 2007

Opening Day Hints

The Orioles have named lefty Eric Bedard as their opening day starter against the Twins. This means that the Twins will send out Sunday's lineup for Opening Day.

1) Luis Castillo (2B)
2) Nick Punto (3B)
3) Joe Mauer (C)
4) Michael Cuddyer (RF)
5) Justin Morneau (1B)
6) Torii Hunter (CF)
7) Rondell White (LF)
8) Jeff Cirillo (DH)
9) Jason Bartlett (SS)

As I mentioned yesterday, Gardenhire said that this weeks pitching schedule will be the following:

Tuesday: Glen Perkins (Major League Game) Ramon Ortiz (Minor League Game)
Wednesday: Sidney Ponson
Thursday: Boof Bonser
Friday: Santana
Saturday: Carlos Silva

This indicates what the Twins Opening Day rotation might look like, as it puts the pitchers on a five day schedule. If all goes according to the team's plan, the starting rotation would be the following:

1) Johan Santana
2) Carlos Silva
3) Ramon Ortiz
4) Sidney Ponson
5) Boof Bonser

Glen Perkins seems to be first in line if the Twins decide not to have one of the others.

Stay Tuned:
Stay tuned throughout the next couple of weeks as the Twins make more roster cuts and narrow down the roster for Opening Day. As the days pass, we'll become more and more aware of who the Twins will go with for their pitching rotation and bench players spots.