March 28, 2007

Rotation Updates

Yesterday, there was at times speculation that Carlos Silva was handed the fifth starter job, and Garza was sent to the minors. That information was not true, and yesterday night, Gardenhire gave the scoop.

Gardenhire said that the race for the fifth starter is on going, and if Silva does not win the job, then he would most likely be placed in the bullpen. He also said that if Garza does not win the fifth starter job he will not be in the major leagues because the team wants him to start, not come out of the bullpen.

Right now, it is thought that Carlos Silva will start on Thursday against the Cincinnati Reds and Matt Garza will start on Friday against the Pirates. It will be fun to see what happens, and these two games will definitely be the most important ones for the Twins this spring.

To sum it up, read this little paragraph from the Twins website.

It remains a race between Silva and Garza to see who will get the nod, but there is a chance that both will be on the roster. That's because even if the Twins don't keep Durbin, they still could break camp with 12 pitchers. Gardenhire said Tuesday that if Garza is indeed named the team's fifth starter, Silva would start the year in the bullpen.

Mauer and Punto Updates:
Joe Mauer ran yesterday, and will play in a minor league game today. Nick Punto on the other hand, is feeling better, but will wait until Friday to make a similar appearance in a minor league game. Both players should be ready for the start of the regular season next Monday.

Venafro Update:
Mike Venafro has made some comments including the following:

"There will be opportunities, but will they be better than this opportunity?" Venafro said. "I don't know. Am I here waiting just for something to happen to Reyes and that's my only opportunity here? They can tell you anything, but you don't really know how it will play out. That's why I owe it to myself to shop around."

From this, it looks as if his chances of remaining with the organization are 50-50. If he finds a team that he feels he has a chance with, then he will leave. However, if he feels he can make an impact on the Twins at some point this season, then look for him to stay.

Check back here often until the Twins break camp on Saturday. I'll have updates on the roster moves as well as any possible trades. I will also try to have an in-depth report from both Carlos Silva's and Matt Garza's starts.