March 24, 2007

Silva Not Safe?

After the game today, in which Silva gave up 9 runs and 11 hits in just over three innings, Ron Gardenhire was definitely upset. Gardenhire in the past has had support for Silva mentioning that he looked better than the numbers and also making other encouraging comments. However, today Gardenhire made the comments that I like to hear.

Gardenhire said, "Silva didn't make any pitches." He also said that "He made a lot of bad pitches and just got beat all around. It's not the type of performance we're looking for, but all we can do is keep running him out there and see where we're at in the end of Spring Training and how we feel comfortable with who's going to be where. That's all we can do." But that, is not what made me happier as a fan.

What made me happy to see was when Gardenhire mentioned that there are six people fighting for five jobs (Perkins sent down), and Silva would have to pitch well to make the team. His exact words were, "If he continues and he doesn't get it right, we have to make an adjustment, obviously." What this indicates to me is that if Silva doesn't step up, then the team will be forced to make a decision about his future, possibly going with a younger guy.

After the game, Gardenhire said that the team is currently leaning towards Bonser as the number two starter which would probably put Ortiz at number three, Ponson at four and either Silva or Garza at number five.

I would be happy with the following rotation to start the season. It would mean that the Twins let Silva go, but I think it would be for the better. Also, it would be giving Ponson a chance and getting Matt Garza in the rotation.


Please leave your rotations in the comments section below, and I'll continue to keep you updated on the race for the starting rotation as Ponson, Silva and Garza all pitch in the next week.

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Perkins Sent Down:
In a surprising move, the Twins sent lefty Glen Perkins to the minors after the game today. Gardenhire said that he thinks Perkins will be a big part of the team in the future, but he said that they decided that he needs more experience in the minors before pitching at the major league level. The Twins now have 34 players left in camp and still need to cut 9 pitchers to get to the maximum of 25 players.