March 9, 2007

Spring Training: Game 11

The Twins lost again today...

That has been the way I've been starting my posts as of late, and if it wasn't for me wanting to mix it up, that's the way it would have started again today. The Twins lost to the Dodgers by a final score of 8-7 which is pretty good considering the fact that going into the fifth inning, they were down 7-2. Today, a lot of good things happened offensively, but their pitching definitely degraded. I've decided to spit my observations into two sections today, good and bad.

The Bad:
- Sidney Ponson made the start and showed why he can't find a job. In just two innings of work, he gave up four runs and seven hits.

- Silva continued to be inconsistent, he went four innings today and gave up four runs on eight hits.

Actually, that was all of the bad things that happened today. I guess what they say, "pitching wins games" is true. They lost as I said before 8-7 and all eight of the runs were given up by Silva and Ponson.

The Good:
- Rincon pitched an inning of scoreless baseball, not allowing even a hit while picking up two strikeouts.

- With Machado out, Luis Rodriguez might have won himself a roster spot today. He went 2-3 with two homeruns and four RBI.

- Hunter and White each picked up homeruns. Hunter went 1-4, and White went 2-3. Other notable hitters were Mauer who went 2-3, and Tyner, Bartlett, Casilla, and Watkins who each picked up singles.

- The Twins scored four runs in the sixth inning and one in the eighth to get them back in the game.

Roster Battles:
Here is a little update on a couple of players who helped and hurt their chances of making the team today. I'll try to get another edition of "Making the Team" up tomorrow after the game.

Sidney Ponson: Hurt; Ponson pitched well to minor leaguers earlier this week, but today he hurt his chances after getting rocked against the major leaguers.

Luis Rodriguez: Helped; With Machado out and his two homeruns, he may have locked up a roster spot.

For more stats from today's game, check out the Box Score.