March 25, 2007

Spring Training: Game 26

The Twins lost again today, and are currently on a four game losing streak. While there were a few negatives today, there were also some positives. With the loss, the Twins are now 11-14-1 on the spring with a total of six games left to play.

Here are my observations...

Game 26:
- Ramon Ortiz has pitched well all spring, but today, he had an off-day. He went 4.1 innings giving up nine hits and six runs. His rotation spot is definitely still safe, but lets hope this doesn't become a common occurrence.

- Neshek also had a rough outing. He came in for Ortiz to finish the fifth inning and pitched just two outs to finish the inning. He gave up four hits and three runs.

- Garza had a good performance again today. He went three innings giving up four hits and one run. It wasn't enough to win the job, but had he not given up a run, it might have been. He'll probably pitch again on Friday, the day after Silva.

- Rondell White and Luis Castillo each homered today. For White, it was his second of the spring while Castillo's was his first.

- The only runs of the game came off of those homeruns, but some other players collected hits. They include: Rodriguez, Morneau, Rabe, and Oeltjen. All of the hits were singles.

- As I mentioned before, with the loss, the Twins are now 11-14-1 on the spring.

For more stats from the game, make sure to check out the Box Score.

A Must Read:
Today, I read an article regarding Silva's outing and what the Twins should do about the rotation. I must say that I agree with most of it, and it is told is an interesting and somewhat funny way. It's by Jim Souhan, of the Star Tribune, and is called "Garza should take Silva's spot".

All I can say, is check it out.

Stay Updated:
Make sure to check back soon, as I hope to get something up on Mauer's leg checkup, that could also come tomorrow. I'll also be posting any cuts and roster decisions that the Twins may make within the next few days.

Next Game:
Tomorrow, the Twins will send out Sidney Ponson to make the start. Ponson will be facing his former team, the Baltimore Orioles. The game is at home, and is slated to start at 12:05 CT.

Make sure to catch the game on Tuesday, as the Twins face the Yankees on ESPN.