March 4, 2007

Spring Training: Game 5

With their Cy-Young award winner on the mound on Sunday, the Twins lost again and have still not won this spring with a record of 0-4-1. However, the loss wasn't Santana's fault. The Twins had a terrible outing from Scott Baker and still couldn't get their offense together. With the loss, there was a little bit of good however, and below I will share the good and bad in my game observations.

Game 5:
- Johan struggled with his control as he walked three batters in his two innings of work, however that is to be expected in early spring. Santana gave up three hits, three walks, and one run.

- Nathan and Rincon both pitched lights-out. They each went one inning and neither of them gave up a run.

- Scott Baker was the main reason the Twins lost the game. He went two innings, but in his first inning of work, he gave up six hits and five runs putting the Twins behind early 6-0. There is more on Baker below.

- Jeremy Cummings had another good outing as he went two innings and gave up only one hit. This outing along with his last one should help his chances at making the bullpen. However, Mike Venafro has done even better. Today Venafro pitched the ninth inning and allowed just one hit and also struckout a batter.

- The Twins offense continued to be silent as they put up only one run on five hits. The one run came off of a homerun by Michael Cuddyer in the fourth inning.

- Bartlett went 1-2 with a single and a walk.

Baker's Struggles:
Baker has been absolutely horrible so far this spring and on Sunday I think he ended his chances of making the Twins team as a fifth starter. His chance was already small, but with two bad outings, it just gives the Twins a better reason to send him the the minors for more experience.

Up Next:
Tomorrow the Twins will play two games. The "A" game will be against the Devil Rays and the "B" game will be against the Red Sox. The Twins will send out Carlos Silva to face the Devil Rays while Sidney Ponson will stay back to pitch against the Red Sox. I'm sure both pitchers are very anxious as Silva had a mediocre first start and Ponson will be making his first start for the Twins.

Making the Team:
I'll have the next "Making the Team" post up probably after the Twins play tomorrow as that will give me more information given the fact that Ponson and hopefully others will be gettting more innings with the Twins playing two games.