March 5, 2007

Spring Training: Game 6

As I mentioned in my last post, the Twins were able to pick up their first win of Spring Training today as they beat the Devil Rays 4-2. The Twins got great pitching today and were also able to get some offense. While some players stayed back and played in the "B" game, many of the Twins regulars traveled to play the "A" game. There weren't any stats on the "B" game, but I'll do my best to give my observations on both games below.

Game 6:
- Silva made up for his first outing as he went three innings allowing just one hit and no runs.

- As I mentioned in the post below, Matt Garza left the game with a stiff neck after pitching to just two batters. He is expected to be day-to-day.

- Other pitchers who pitched in the game included Slowey, who pitched an inning of no-hit baseball. Neshek, who got the win and gave up only one hit. And Crain, who also pitched one inning and only gave up one hit.

- Denard Span played well today, he went 2-2 with 2 RBI. Morneau went 1-4 with a RBI, and Tolleson also picked up an RBI.

- The minor leaguers impressed today as Tolleson, Span, and Tintor each had hits.

"B" Game:
- Sidney Ponson made hit first appearance of Spring Training, and pitched two scoreless innings on just 25 pitches.

- Plouffe got the start at shortstop and played the whole game. While his bat wasn't very good, his defense was as he made a diving stop.

- Hunter played and drew a walk. He said he wasn't nervous and didn't have any headaches.

Contract Talks:
Yesterday, ESPN had a story about how Johan would like the Twins to resign him this season, he talks about how it will be up to his agent after his contract expires to make a decision on his future.

Justin Morneau said that expects the Twins to restart contract talks this week, and also said he hopes he can get a new deal done before the season starts. He also mentions, as reported on Twins Territory before, that the Twins never offered him a contract similar to Mauer's.

Making the Team:
I'm going to try to get the Making the Team post up tomorrow since almost all of the Twins players played today. I have updated comments on Ponson among others. I've also removed and added some players from the last addition.