March 6, 2007

Spring Training: Game 7

The Twins were unable to beat the Dodgers today, but with the loss, there were a lot of good things that happened. Spring Training isn't about win and losses, but about seeing what the new guys have to offer and what you have in the system down below. That's exactly what the Twins did in the loss today, and as I look back, there wasn't anything that I'm really disappointed about.

On with the observations...

Game 7:
- Ramon Ortiz continued to impress today as he pitched for the second time. He went three innings and didn't allow a single hit while he struckout one batter.

- Randy Choate pitched horrible giving up four runs on three hits. It's not like he had much of a chance at making the team anyways.

- Cali also pitched horrible again today and basically cut himself with his second straight bad performance. Although he only gave up one run, he gave up four hits in just one inning, and with his last performance, he hasn't looked very good so far this spring.

- Kubel continued to play well this spring, he had two RBI. Span also continued his great performance this spring with another RBI.

- Perkins had a rocky outing, he pitched two innings and allowed five hits. However, he was able to hold the Dodgers to just one run off of those hits.

- Some notable hitters today include: Cuddyer who went 2-3, Glen Williams who hit a homerun, and Hunter who picked up a double. The Twins had a total of 11 hits so make sure to check out the Box Score.

- While other pitchers pitched bad, Venafro continued to impress as he pitched one inning and didn't give up a single hit.

To see what some other players did today, make sure you check out the Box Score.

Quick Note:
You may ask how I'm not disappointed after seeing some of these notes. I'm not disappointed because the reason that the Twins lost today was not because of Ortiz or any of the other starters, but because of minor leaguers who got quality experience in. With the loss, we saw a lot of good things from Ortiz and Venafro, both guys who have good chances at making the team. We also saw a lot of good things from everyday players such as Cuddyer and Kubel. So although they lost today, we saw plenty of good things.