March 7, 2007

Spring Training: Game 8

The Twins regulars played very well again today, but they were unable to win once again after their minor league pitchers came into the game and blew their lead. With the loss, just like yesterday, a lot of good things happened. They got great work from their major league bullpen and Boof Bonser.

Here are my observations...

Game 8:
- Boof pitched just like Ortiz did yesterday, lights out. He went three innings allowing just two hits and strikingout three batters.

- The Twins major league bullpen pitched good again today. Nathan pitched an inning of no-hit baseball and struckout two batters. Crain pitched two innings and gave up one hit while also strikingout two batters. Finally, Rincon pitched one inning giving up just one hit also strikingout one batter.

- J.D. Durbin made his first appearance of the spring and cost the Twins the game. He went one inning giving up four hits and three runs. Barrett then came into pitch and gave up three hits and two more runs.

- Cuddyer continued his strong bat going 2-3. Hunter picked up an RBI, and Watkins hit his first homerun of the spring. Finally, Bartlett got a double in the first and then later scored.

Make sure to check out the complete Box Score for more stats.

Observation in BOLD indicates the reason the Twins lost. (As you can see, they aren't major leaguers.)

The Losing:
With the loss today, the Twins are now 1-6-1 and are tied for last in the league with that record. However, their major league pitchers and hitters have showed a lot of promise while their minor leaguers have really struggled and cost the team multiple games. As the club gives the regulars more innings, their record should improve.

Next Game:
The Twins go split-squad tomorrow as they face the Red Sox and Cardinals. Johan Santana will face Curt Schilling and the Red Sox while Scott Baker will face Kip Wells and the Cardinals. Both games will start at 12:05 and I hope to have notes on both games tomorrow night.