March 3, 2007

Spring Training: Games 3 and 4

These pictures explain the way the Twins played on Saturday afternoon.

There isn't a lot to talk about regarding these two games. The Twins lost them both, but had a little good and a lot of bad in each as well. Although there aren't a lot, here are my observations from both games. Make sure you check out Taylor's Twins Talk for a more in-depth reaction to these games.

Game 3:
- Ortiz had a great 1st inning using only six pitches. The second inning was more difficult as he gave up one run. In my opinion, it was a successful first appearance, but I'm expecting him to improve.

- Hunter got hit in the head by former Twins pitcher Kyle Lohse in the first inning. He will be fine and said he may play as early as tomorrow.

- Both Nathan and Neshek played great games. Neshek had two strikeouts in his inning of work while Nathan had one.

- Luis Castillo left early because of a sore back and will be day-to-day.

Game 4:
Before I get going on this game, I want to let you know that the Twins had only two starters playing in this game (Bartlett and Kubel). The rest were minor leaguers or bench players.

- Boof pitched horrible. He went two innings and gave up five hits and allowed three runs. I'm not worried yet, because it's his first appearance.

- Cameron Cali may have lost his opportunity at the left-handed bullpen job in his first outing. He went only two outs of an inning giving up fours hits, walking two, and allowing three runs.

- Glen Williams and Chris Heintz had productive games. Williams went 2-4 and Heintz went 2-2.

- Finally, don't get to worried about this game. Look at this Box Score and look who played. Yeah, not exactly their major league team.

Tomorrow's Game:
Tomorrow's game will be on WFTC29 and for those fans out of the state, it will be on FSN North and MLB.TV. The Twins will send Johan Santana to the mound to face the cross-town Red Sox, the game will start at 12:05.