March 4, 2007

Sunday Night Notes

It has been a busy weekend with the Twins playing everyday. And although they have still not won, it's been great to have baseball back. Over the weekend, I read a lot of interesting things and also found some things that might interest you fans. I personally think this will be the best list of links that I've posted this spring.

Weekend Links:
Although they had their picture day about a week ago, this weekend I was able to find the site that has each and every single players pictures. The picture can be found here.

This weekend, La Velle mentioned that Twins prospect Kevin Slowey looks like former pitcher and current ESPN analyst Orel Hershiser. I just had to check for myself, and after looking over some pictures, here's what I found (I actually have to agree).

Another writer at the Star Tribune, Sid Hartman, had an interesting article up about the Twins.
His story is actually about the new Twins stadium and what the owner might do to help.

There are a couple of stories out there about the lack of a backup shortstop. One was written by a writer at the Pioneer Press, and the other by the Twins beat writer, Kelly Thesier.

Also on the Twins official site is an article about how Garret Jones will learn the outfield because he knows the road to the majors at firstbase will be hard with reigning MVP Justin Morneau ahead of him.

During La Velle's "In Game Chat" today, I was able to ask a few questions.

First Question:
Me: Do you know how the MRI’s went for Lew Ford and Machado?
La Velle: Notebook will be jam-packed tomorrow, with news on Castillo, Casilla, Machado, Reyes, Heintz, Ponson, Hunter, Trevor Plouffe and others….

Here is my other question:
Me: Will Plouffe be playing with the Twins tomorrow since they have two games?
La Velle: Plouffe is playing the B game

After hearing that news about Plouffe playing tomorrow, I can't wait to see what he does.

Twins Look-A-Likes:
With La Velle bringing up the Slowey-Hershiser comparison, I'm wondering what other Twins look like someone famous. Please let me know under the comments or by e-mailing me. I'll post the picture comparisons in another post. If I can get enough, I'll make a big post with all of the comparisons put together. I thought this would be cool since there isn't a lot going on except for Spring Training games. (By the way, it doesn't necessarily have to be someone famous.)