March 14, 2007

Terry Ryan Interview

During the game against the Yankees, Twins general manager Terry Ryan talked with Dick and Bert during the third inning on FSN. I was watching, and jotted down a few notes from what he had to say. He had a lot of good things to say ranging from the pitching situation to some things he looks at when signing players.

Here are my notes...


Don't Quite Agree...

- Terry mentioned that everybody thinks Sidney Ponson is out of shape and that is definitely not the case. From his comments on Sidney, he made it sound as though he has a good shot at making the team.

- When asked about LeCroy, he said that LeCroy was brought in for catching depth. Now this is what threw me off. I don't see LeCroy as a catcher, but as a DH or pinch hitter. So if he was serious about him backing up the catch position, I might be worried.

Now the things I liked...

- He said that Ramon Ortiz has great stuff and could really help the Twins rotation. He also said that he got good recommendations on him which was a big reason why he signed him.

- Ryan said that when signing players he often gets recommendations about their chemistry among other things. He said that these reports play a role in the signings. He also added that he got a good recommendation from LeCroy on Ortiz and said LeCroy mentioned that Ortiz was one of his best teammates.

- When asked about the next couple of weeks, he agreed with Dick and Bert that they would be very tough with such tight competition for roster spots.

- While they were talking about the bullpen and amount of pitchers the team would have, Ryan said that he thinks Gardy only wants to bring 11 pitcher north which would mean that a couple of guys will get left out.

- He addressed the backup SS role by saying he really wants to see Machado on the field soon and thinks he could really help.

- Ryan said that last season guys like Bartlett and Cuddyer came into camp not knowing what their roles would be and for that matter if they would make the team. He said they have both spent time in the weight room and now play big roles on the team.

- Finally, he said that the lineup is pretty much set and all the team needs to do right now is figure out who the backups will be.

My Conclusion:
I didn't really disagree with any of his comments, other than the parts that were bolded. These are very small things to disagree with, but I just don't see LeCroy as a catcher and as of now would much rather see Garza make the team over Ponson. I know he didn't say that Ponson was the guy, but as I said before, he was very optimistic about him.

I really agree with everything else he had to say and really enjoyed the interview. I think Ortiz could make a big impact and would also like the see Machado soon. I also like what he had to say about the way he signs players and what he had to say about guys like Bartlett and Cuddyer. Finally, I was very interested with what he had to say regarding the amount of pitchers the team would like to have. This was really the first time we had heard what Gardy would like to see as far as numbers go.

If you watched the interview and have anything else to add, feel free to let us all know in the comments. Also feel free to leave your comments on any of the other interview notes from above.